Jan 3rd           Club Night
Jan 17th         Training Night
Jan 26th         Committee Meeting
Feb 7th           Club Night
Feb 21th         Training Night
Feb 23rd         Committee Meeting

Mar 7th           Club Night
Mar 21st         Training Night
Mar 30rd         Committee Meeting
Apr 4th           Club Night
Apr 18th         Training Night
Apr 27th         Committee Meeting
May 2rd          Club Night
May 16th        Training Night
May 25th        Committee Meeting
Jun 6th           Club Night
Jun 20st         Training Night
Jun 29th        Committee Meeting
Jul 4th            Club Night
Jul 18th          Training Night
Jul 27th          Committee Meeting
Aug 1st           Club Night
Aug 15th        None
Aug 29th        Committee Meeting
Sep 5th           A.G.M. / Club Night
Sep 19th         Training Night
Sep 28th         Committee Meeting
Oct 3rd           Club Night
Oct 17th         Training Night
Oct 26th         Committee Meeting
Nov 7th          Club Night
Nov 21st        Training Night
Nov 30th        Committee Meeting
Dec 5th           Club Night
Dec 19th         Training Night



January :-            Apple & Pear (Different Woods).
February :-          Open Evening.
March :-                Bud Vase.
April :-                   Box with  Lid.
May :-                    Light House (minimum 15cm Height).  
June :-                  Rolling Pin Decorated (minimum 30cm).
July :-                    Candlestick.
August :-              Medium sized Bowl.
September :-     Open Night.
October :-          Egg Cup and Egg.
Novenber :-       Candlestick (minimum 150cm high).
December :-      Xmas Decoration. 
Note: Objects previously entered will not count, new turnings only, please.

Other Events   --- All Welcome

At Probus Village Hall

April 8/9 Yandles Woodworking Show.
May 6th (Saturday)   Jason Breach Demonstration   10:00 -16:00
June 24th (Saturday)   Mick Hanbury Demonstration  CANCELLED
(Unfortunately Mick has had to cancel his demo, for health reasons.)

August 1st (Tuesday)   Lucy Starbuck Demonstration   19:00 - Late
August 29th (Tuesday) - September 4th  Lobbs
​September 5th (Tuesday) A.G.M.
September 8th -9th Yandles Autumn Event
​October 20th - October 26th Lobbs

Demonstrators for Club nights

January -     Tony Rogers (Fractal Burning) 
February -    Open Night
March -          Race Night   
April  -            
May -              David & Richard (Fruit & Colouring)
June -            TBA (Candlestick Demo)
July -              Roger & Dave (Whistle )            
Aug -              
Sept -             
Oct -              
Nov -              
Dec -             
Crocadon Farm, St Mellion, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6RL